Day 7

Daisy showed me the weighing scale in our office. Of course, I immediately got on top of it to see my weight. So far, my efforts are paying off. It's not really easy for me considering others are kinda discouraging me. Counting calories makes my stomach churn which makes me visit the bathroom more often. People are telling me to just exercise. But knowing myself, I know I can't really stick to that. And I know that exercise alone is not effective. And besides I want to lose some weight by cutting my calorie intake. My weight is not normal. I'm obese according to the newest definition of obesity--I'm overweight based on BMI but waist circumference is more accurate. When I'm already on my normal weight, I plan on exercising and embracing the healthy stuff.

Do you know that the "healthy stuff" have higher calories compared to the regular ones? That is based on my observation from my recent trip to the grocery. And I realized that it is more practical to buy food from the grocery instead of just eating at fast food. I bought a can opener, (Shirley no need to give me one...ibang gift na lang...hehe) some canned goods--Tuna and meatloaf and powdered nestea.

It's also a good idea to have my own menu so I won't have to compute for calories every single day that people can't tolerate me talk about my diet anymore. I can also include some desserts--and it's cheaper, too.

I don't allow any cheat day yet. Maybe next week when I can work out once a week.

I hope I can have a normal weight soon.


r u s s said...

The BMI is evil! Hahaa. Gym naman also has a different way to measure if one's overweight or not.

If one's trying to lose weight, fast food isn't really the way to go. I have not eaten in one for six months now. Feeling ko, there's nothing for me there.Ö Have you tried?

r u s s said...

Girl, how are you and your family? I hope you're all safe & dry.

Richard said...

As one who is struggling to lower his weight, I offer this advice:

(1) exercise is good - I prefer walking (it doesn't matter if you run or walk, you burn about 0.8 calories per kg per km - or 40 cals per km if you weigh 50kg)

(2) reduce caloric intake by substituting lower calorie dense foods. I try to aim for 1 calorie per gram or less (of course, sometimes this is not possible - butter is 9 cals per gram, so I just use less butter). I like cabbage a lot (my wife does not).

(3) learn to drink water (ugh, I hate water, I prefer something sweet, but I am not convinced about the safety of artificial sweeteners)

(4) never starve yourself. If you are hungry, nibble on something low calorie (like an apple). I have learned, that if I wait until I am really, really hungry, then I pig out. sigh.

And keep up hope.

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