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I just finished taking my night bath when my roomate gave me the cake she saved for me. I guess it was a week already. But the cake was still okay so I ate it. Talk about eating despite fullness. I guess that has become a skill--no wonder I am so heavy now.

Speaking of food, I was daydreaming while taking a bath and I thought what would happen to me when I go to my dream place--how would I eat, what would I eat, who would cook for me, how would I cook, should I start learning how to cook or just change my staples of food into veggies...naks naman!

I want to go on a diet again. Counting calories has been effective on me. I steadily lose weight. 1 lb per week. And lately I've been choosing fish or chicken over pork and beef. Maybe it's because I hate the inconvenience of eating hard meat--pieces got stuck between my teeth when I eat pork. I hate the feeling so I'd rather eat chicken or fish.

When I'm at home and there's a tuna (Century Tuna Hot and Spicy), I'd choose it over the prepared food which annoyed Ka Leony because she hated opening canned goods, because we have no can opener.

With this gradual change, I think I am becoming ready to go on a diet again. I will visit now.


r u s s said...

1-lb a week is a lot!Ü
It's good to keep a fitness journal to track your calorie intake and how much you burn. Goodluck Jassy!

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