After 1 year and 3 months, he’s still kind and patient over me. He’s still the gentle guy I’ve known. So after few days of not being in good terms, I decided to just look at the bright side of things and it gets better. It feels good to see his smile again. Last night I was craving for a lasagna but he was craving for an ice cream. So as peace offering I let him get his ice cream. But today, it’s my turn. We went to the spaghetti house and ordered the Classic Lasagna. We were not expecting the serving to be big, but it was big. I had a hard time eating the whole plate of lasagna. We even wondered why the serving was big and we guessed that the cook must be happy tonight because all the servings were big.

Oh, on our way to the 3rd floor, I saw Vice Ganda, the comedian eating at Pho something at the 2nd floor, coincidentally one of E’s mountain-mate if there is such a word, talked with him. Vice Ganda looked at E. I was so flattered. Gays look at E. He was not raising his eyebrow (Vice), he was even smiling so he must be thinking positively of E.

Today was also spent inside the college for the seminar workshop on Clinical Pharmacy Education. I’ve learned a lot from this seminar. I know I could use the lectures for the following semesters.


Richard said...

Pasta is pretty cheap, so its not hard to give a bigger serving.

A friend of mine used to dump half her food on my plate before we'd start eating. She used to eat like a mouse.

jassy said...

here in the philippines, it's quite expensive...i only eat classic lasagna for special occasion...=)

r u s s said...

Aba! Magnet pala ng mga.... Hehe. Vice Ganda seems to be the type naman na educated na kikay so not-so-scray.Ü

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