Everyday Adventures 2

October 14 was spent online, studying for the exam tomorrow and finally meeting halfway with E. One at a time--I really can't deal with all of these simultaneously. Things will happen at the right time.

In just a few hours, I have to gobble up lessons in management. I'm pretty sure our Prof would give essay questions, I just hope he wouldn't have to ask for specific theories or something.

Anyway, the sky was continually dark this afternoon. For a while I thought something like Ondoy's wrath would happen again. I nearly went back to the boarding house, but I couldn't just turn back. Luckily, PGH was not yet flooded.

I realized today that I am cranky when hungry. I guess everyone is. So food businesses should be quick in serving their customers. I hope not to be cranky again.


Richard said...

Better to eat regularily (in small servings) rather than get to the point of being famished. Easy to say, much harder to actually practice.

I find grey skies make it harder to study. Even if I can't be outside, I prefer to sit by a sunny window and work / study.

jassy said...

when it comes to studying...grey skies don't really bother me as long as I am inspired or motivated...but motivation is hard to find...=)

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