We've spent 3 hours on the whole presentation. Instead of having a final examination, this project proposal presentation serves as our final exam. All seven of us have great ideas. Some are already being implemented, while others need some time.

That class usually ends at 9pm but this time it ended at 10pm which is logical since it started at 7pm. Anyway, one of our classmates is leaving the country and because of separation anxiety/change, I am a bit sad. I am going to miss her.

Most people I know have left the country. Good thing there are still millions of people here. But seriously, it's always sad when someone leaves. Yet I'm hoping to someday be the one to leave instead of being left behind.


Richard said...

I watched a documentary a few years ago that said 10% of the Filippine population works abroad. I don't know about that, but I have met a lot in Canada (my goddaughter, age 12, is born of Filipino parents).

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