No Lunch

I was nearly late for work this morning. Good thing I walked fast--semi-run to the bundy clock. My stomach feels uneasy as of the moment which is not new especially now that the presentation is about to start in a few minutes. I'm still in this office though, typing away. Should I visit the restroom first or should I wait...

I'm nervous. Please pray for me. Thanks!


Richard said...

Good luck. Though, I think your presentation is over now.

I used to get butterflies too before presentations. I think the best advice I got for public speaking is: never apologize, never cut yourself, when you are up there you are the expert. So behave like one.

That was from a speaking course I took on Ottawa. I was apologizing for not being as ready as I could be when the teacher stopped me and said "Never apologize. People expect a professional. So act like one. Never, ever undermine your credibility."

But, I have ot admit, that quesay stomach when nervous is awful. I used to get it quite frequently at times when younger. Somehwhere along the years, I managed to not care about it anymore.

jassy said...

thanks! your advice is very useful for future presentations...i hope to have more presentations because i need to develop my communication skills=)

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