It's the wee hour of the morning and I'm still up because I had to finish my report later. And then I got obsessed with fonts. Obsessed is the word because I have been looking for the font of Nova Chips package. I want to be my blog font. But I could not find it on the net. Oh well, I need to sleep now if I want to work well later.=)


r u s s said...

LOL. Yeah. I was like that when I was tweaking my blog's template. My font obsession is Abadi MT Condensed, kaya lang not all computers have it so blog would look different in other computers. Goodluck Jassy!

Richard said...

It always seems like such a small and reasonable thing - 5 hours ago.

I used to obsess about things being perfect, but now, if it mostly good enough, then it is good enough.

A boss of mine used to say: "Better is the enemy of good enough." I used to disagree with him, but now I agree.

When I was younger, I Would spend hours trying to pick the perfect birthday card or gift. And what, most times, people quickly look at it their reaction doesn't even begin to put a down payment onthe time and energy invested inteh card / gift. Now-a-days, I probably don't spend more than 5-10 minutes looking. If I don't see what I like, I go somewhere else. If I See something good enough, then I buy it.

jassy said...

russ, mine is technical and toon something...hehe...i forgot...but it's quite neat just like the fonts in comic books=)

richard, i'm obsessed with so many things like papers--stationeries, aside from fonts...and oh penmanship. i read doctor's handwriting everyday and i enjoyed reading their notes if the penmanship is neat=)

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