Stand Up

Five years of standing while working has taken its toll on my body. My veins are shaking up inside. I think I need to wear compression stockings (if that's the term for that kind of stocking). I'm really exhausted--physically. But I couldn't stop because time is precious and I want to do all the things that i could do right now. Time is gold. That is true.

Don't worry, I'm just exhausted from too much surfing the net and playing my favorite interactive games online. This makes me lack sleep and then at work I have to stand up all day to do the rounds, reordering and other responsibilities. It's good that I'm not sedentary; however, my legs are crying out for attention. And since I've gotten big, my weight is adding up to the tension/stress.

Next Monday is the last day of this semester. Then the next week is maybe the enrollment for next semester. Then next week after is the start of 2nd sem. Life goes on.


Richard said...

I don't know what work you do, but in Madrid, I was surprised to see cashiers sitting down. In Canada, they stand.

Standing for long periods acan be hard onthe legs. I discovered that when paintging the house in Montreal. I was standing for 14 hours a day. My feet and legs were in credibly sore and stiff.

I've never worn compression stockings.

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