I'm a little talkative these past few days. Most of the topics I tell people are trivial. But at least I'm talking.

My free-spirited ways were cut short last year because of one mistake that broke trusts of those around me. I was truly humbled. I found myself being in gradeschool again bullied by everyone. I wanted to fight back but then what's the point...

It hurts to be in a place where you want to have friends yet people are not welcoming you in their lives. They make me afraid then defensive, then angry then sad. I am feeling sad right now. I hope I will come to accept what I cannot change. And hopefully I'll be able to open my heart to unlikely friends. I realize they could be my friends. I hope so. If my own kind does not accept me, maybe others will.


Richard said...

I was definitely much more friendly and outgoing in elementary school.

After a time, I became less open and more cautious. I am envious of those who smile easily and immediately make you feel warm and welcome.

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