The reality of my decision is catching up on me. I don't want this feeling but i know that this doesn't go away. I can choose to ignore it but it will still be there.

I'm having my QLC. At 27 what have I accomplished? If I die today what can I tell God? What have I done with my life?

I have so many heartaches, frustrations but I feel hopeful. Great things can still happen. I'm still alive. I can do something.

I know that in due time, all my dreams will come true because I'm ready for them.


r u s s said...

Don't worry, you're not alone. A friend of mine suggested getting this book: CONQUERING YOUR QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS by Alexandra Robbins. You can check it out here.

My friend said they have it in Fully Booked. I haven't gone there yet. I'll check if meron in Powerbooks.Ü

ace said...

maybe you're just too strict or hard on yourself, ate jassy? :)

it's wonderful, too, noh? hope, i mean. only the strong get to hold on to hope, i've been told. :)

Richard said...

I think the most importatn question to answer before God is "Have I been a good person?" Kind, gentle, honest, trustworthy, helpful, not given to quarelling or selfishness.

Too often, I think, we measure ourselves by the standards the world uses to measure success.

Of course, there are also the dreams we have, the things we hope to do, to accomplish. Those are important too.

jassy said...

RUSS, I will check that book...thanks=)

ACEY, it's good to know that hopeful people are strong...i hope i am hopeful...hehe=)

RICHARD, I agree with you. I really don't want to use world's standards...but when I look at my Mom, she's old but she can't really stop working...I hope I can do something right away...=(

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