My Mom has been discharged after three days of confinement due to hyperglycemic crisis. I should be thankful because we've been given another chance.

I have to be a daughter now.


richard said...

Is your mother diabetic? Recently discovered?

You are always a daughter - no matter how old you get, you will always be her "little" girl. Some days it will annoy you like crazy, other days it will comfort you.

Care for her and show her that she is loved too.

[The mystery word to type in today is copeing. Pretty apt, don't you think?]

ace said...

hey ate jassy, sorry to hear about your mom. :( i hope she'll be ok na.

r u s s said...

God bless you dear :)
Ako rin e, that's the role I've been playing, doing, and will still do until she can walk again. All the best and good health to your Mom.

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