Then life...

Waiting for a dream to happen is frustrating. I hate waiting. But I am becoming successful in convincing myself that I can still have a better life despite of...

So what would happen to me if the dream I'm waitng for doesn't come? Life will still happen. It is happening right now. That I can be the best version of me right here right now. So that when the comparing bug bit me and I feel envious of my rich friends, I can just tell myself that despite of...life happens. I will never lose. I will always be a winner.

Sunset is also beautiful from this side of the world. Sea breeze is still calming. God is also very much present. So is the love of people.

Since 2009 is now on the brink of saying goodbye and 2010 is getting ready for the world, I would just like to share that the events of last year have made me a better person. Better than before, but the best of myself right now.

I have learned to acknowledge my shortcomings. I've been humbled so many times. I have taken many baby steps. I know and I plan to work on these two skills which I need to strengthen. God is good because He allows me to strengthen these.=)


r u s s said...

Little bumps in life are meant to make us better persons, goodluck Jassy :)

Richard said...

Don't be afraid to reach for things in life. But I know it is difficult.

I have always and continue to expect life to unfold in a wonderful and beautiful way. All I need to do is to be patient, to wait a little bit. I also know that this is not necessarily true and, sometimes, we have to actually reach out and take a risk.

I think this is a beautifully philosophical post. Don't be afraid to take those little baby steps.

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