My roommate was asking for my opinion regarding a cellphone and I've thought of browsing SE's site and I found this. G900 is going to be my next phone. Of course I'm on a tight budget so I'll probably buy this next year. It has everything I need in a phone just like K800i but better. Of course it should be better. It has wifi, up to 8gb memory. And it has touchscreen and handwriting recognition. The camera is also great 5MP.

I just have to write about this.


Richard said...

I keep thinking a cell phone would be a great thing to have, but then I think "What do I need it for?"

So far, I have maanged to live my life without one.

Personally, I would prefer a small portable computer that fits easily in a pocket, has a usable interface for working and Internet connectivity.

I think I still have a long time to wait.

jassy said...

here in the philippines, cell phone is a must=)

most of the cell phones nowadays function just like a computer so it's like a portable computer=)

richard said...

They say tha tin Spain a cell phone is a must too, but ... I don't think so. Funnything was that when Sofia applied for the land line, they wanted her cell phone number. When she said she didn't have one, they told her they couldn't process her request without one.

Cell phones don't function enough like a computer for me (I am a programmer, so while a cell can be used for browsing, it wouldn't be good for writing code).

jassy said...

cellphones are only for browsing, since you're a programmer then a computer is better=)

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