I seriously need to lose the 10 pounds to finally get my goal weight.  But somehow I always convince myself to eat more than the calories I should be getting.  I need to go back to the very first day that i decided to be slimmer.

This week, chicken has been part of my daily staple.  I also had several iced teas and choco sandwich.  This week, there are also several meetings to attend to and meeting means food.  And the food they served were too hard to resist.  Delicious food, I'm telling you--well delicious for me.  The likes of prune bars, pasta and chicken!!!

I want to go back to eating banana, boiled egg, a little iced tea that tastes more like water, mashed potato, chicken, and crackers.

I want my well-toned abs in lets say 3 months?

On to another topic, I looked at food bloggers' posts and most of them have dogs.  Their dogs look adorable.    These dogs make me want to have my own adorable dog.  But we have a dog here in the dorm.  Since he isn't barking at me everytime he sees me, I'm thinking of getting him presents :)


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