Lifestyle Change

What's so hard to understand about lifestyle change that I find myself reverting to old ways?  I need to trace my step back and go back to the day I decided to be healthy.

My pants are getting tighter again.  I don't want to step on the scale to see how much I've gained.  I'm just gonna be anxious.  It's better not to look at it.

I have to rethink about the food that I've been eating these past few months.  Yesterday I ate chocolate chip scones; two of those from French baker.  And then some orange juice.  Then burger, fries and Hi-C apple from Burger King.  And then ciocolato from Caramia--that's an ice cream.  Then Spaghetti and fries and iced tea.  Then rice, luncheon meat, fried egg, noodles with egg, and a banana for dinner.  Been eating a lot.

Today, I still haven't had my breakfast but I'm thinking of bread so that's carbohydrate.  I'm still doing the laundry and typing away that's why.

Living a healthy life is fun and good. :)


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