Jollibee has a new gimmick, and I meant that positively. It's an online community especially for the youth and young at heart--Hive. It's a bit like friendster but it's composed of barkadas/entertainment/music/poetry. Check it out!


I'm looking thoroughly at my life. And I'm convinced that I have to make my own decision. This is the only way to have my peace back again.
I've walked my walk and I've found that life is entrusted to us by God. And don't you find it an honor...a really great honor to be entrusted such a life. Others may not trust you, but God trusts you. I think it's just right to trust in GOD also.
My wishes and prayer for everyone:
That we can see how beautiful and meaningful life is...no matter how difficult we're going through right now.
That we can share the light given to us by God
To stop chasing for other gods
To realize that there is always a reason to SMILE
Truly trust and believe in God

Not Interested

Someone's afraid of me. Duh. Whoever you are, I am not interested at all!


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