Ethel and I met up at Mega Mall this lunch. I haven't seen her for months now that was why I really made an effort to wake up earlier than I would to meet her. We talked about me. I told her about the pains in my life. She's into watching cartoon movies.
Going to Mega Mall brought a lot of memories. Memories of my past work. How I loved to walk Mega Mall, from Mega B to Mega A then back again to Mega B. The jam packed MRT. Crossing Shaw Blvd. Walking, walking, walking. Passing by the tiangge where every stall seemed to love "Sasakyan Kita" by Gladys and the Boxers. Riding a tricycle. Going to my former boarding house, where my former landlady refused to give me my balance. She's really gahaman when it comes to money. Walking the streets of Boni Avenue to go here in this cafe where I used to check my emails. Here, where I signed up for Blogger.
I have walked the path of my not so distant past. But I never visited Euro-Med. The only reason is because I'm too tired and thirsty to walk. Besides, I have to go home in the province. And I do not want to arrive there late at night.
To think I have been complaining endlessly about the bad system of my former company, it seems funny, because now that I'm free of that system, I'm still complaining, this time about my current company's system. But if I were to choose, I'd rather be in Euro-Med than be here in my current company.
Disappointment wear people down.
Good thing I've talked with Ethel, she's practical and level-headed when it comes to career attitude. I will try to change my attitude.
I am so into Nina the singer nowadays. I love the songs she sang on the radio. All revival of good songs. I also like the song of J. Lo (...ehehe...ako ba yan?) "Get Right".
If you want to have a good mood, listen to lively, positive music.


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