I am forced to take the path to maturity. I carry with me two books. The Bible and Dad's book. So far here are some points I've read on Dad's book.
1. Do not criticize.
2. Do not condemn.
3. Smile.
4. Remember people's name.
These tips are sensible. But I have to admit, I am not yet successful in applying these in my life.
Teka lang, kahapon sa work, napag-usapan na naman ang tungkol sa aking work journal. One time, I accidentally left it sa area namin. Sir Ton and Sir Luis found it...si Sir Ton binasa niya. It was embarrassing because I have some poems and personal entries there. Nalaman niya tuloy kung paano ako mag-isip...so we talked about that again yesterday. Sir Ton suggested that I join the editorial staff of our department...ano ulit? EDITORIAL STAFF? Duh! Ano namang alam ko sa matinong pagsusulat? But it made me think of serving the department...if it's right to serve it at all. Basta, I came to work with another mission, believe it or not, I want to serve my countrymen. That's one thing UP instilled in me, although syempre I also have plans to go abroad. Pero hanggat andito ako sa Pinas, tumulong ka kung makakaya mo. Yun nga lang, di yata alam yun ng iba.
Naisip ko rin tuloy ang pagtulong sa magulang ko. From now on, I would help out in our store. Magpapakatino na ako. I would face my responsibilities as the eldest. Ooohh...face...may bago sa akin ngayon...bago na ang kulay ng hairband ko...pink na siya...ang liit nga raw ng buhok ko sa hairband ko eh...maliit...eto pa...maliit din daw uniform ko...Ms. Body Fit...eh gusto ko ng fit eh. Mas mukha tuloy akong bata. Napapagkamalan kase akong may anak na kapag suot ko ang isa kong scrub suit eh. Di bale sana kung totoo, eh hindi naman eh.
Anak...ewan kung magkakaroon pa ako nito. May problem ako sa lovelife ko eh. Pero God loves me naman eh. He knows what or who is best for me.


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