Music and Television

Hey, that rude stalker is stalking me again. Bahala siya sa buhay niya.

Anyway, last Saturday I watched Islamusik on ABC5 and World Music was featured. It made me admire these world music artists. And once again, i fell in love with the Filipino culture. With all of the pressures and pains of living like the Westerners, living just like our katutubos is much better.

These musicians may have a different taste in music but they sure know their stuff. They are intelligent and concern with our country.

I now figure out how this society works...there are artists who ignite the spirit of patriotism or mere awareness of our state and how beautiful our country is. BUT they are not the one in power or position. All they can do is to move us. But the government officials can really do something either good or bad to our country. Problem with these officers is that they do not know how beautiful this country is.


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