On my way home, I heard Buloy by Parokya ni Edgar. I couldn't help but remember who I was when I first heard Buloy. Buloy was the happy-go-lucky guy who put on a strong self in front of his friends. He dealed with problems thru drinking and being with friends. Until he couldn't face what the world is offering him. He declined and gave up.

I was so affected by Buloy. I don't have friends like him. But I sometimes see myself in him. Someone who try to put on a mask saying I'm strong and you can depend on me. Someone who encourage others but secretly wanting people to encourage me, too. I have long passed that stage in my life. That stage when I don't know what life is about and why I am alive. I was so angry then. God even had to create a storm that would last three days so I would just stay at home. To be with the people I love, just so I'd realize how beautiful this life is.

Months later after realizing the beauty of life, my brother and I got to listen to music together. Both of us love alternative rock especially OPM. We both love Parokya ni Edgar. We listened to Buloy. I could see my brother got affected with the song. I don't know, maybe he has a friend like Buloy. Maybe he also see Buloy in him. But I think he's a much stronger Buloy than me and Buloy himself.

Buloy still affects me today. Sometimes he could made me shed a tear. He will always be a reminder. That I've been lucky. That this life is painful but it is beautiful. That God loves me so much.

To Buloy, I wish I've met you when you were still alive. Maybe, I could do something just so you'd see how precious life is. As long as we're alive, there is hope. As long as there's God in our lives, then things will be all right.

On a lighter side, I was able to go home and spend time with my family. There has been some dramas but I don't really mind. Dramas are part of life. People need them.

Remember the woman I wrote here last year. The one that was constantly cheated and battered by her husband? Well, last year I thought she realized how evil her husband is but I was wrong. But now, I know for sure that she's free. Finally, after over 40 years of submitting to her husband, she frees herself. She is much happier now. I am so happy for her. She's enjoying life now. How's that for March? Being the woman's month and everything. It's a great gift to us. Another example of how strong women are.

As for the husband, I think his karma is now beginning. He has to learn his lessons. He's lucky he still has time. Forgiveness is a must but trust should be earned.

Oh I've also been cleared. I've been given another chance. I hope God will always guide me and give me enough strength and grace to do what I should do. This is all for Him.


yen said...

i love parokya too, most of their songs i can relate to and had made some impact in my life.. that buloy song is really sad, kng hndi nga lang PNE ang kumanta baka naiyak din ako..

im glad to hear that ure doin great now.. and just continue to trust in the lord and he'll always be there to guide and give u the strength u need. cheers

yayam said...

i like that song, though di talaga ako agree sa pag-inom. hehe. buti naman you're doing fine. we must really be grateful to have our loved ones with us. ;)

goyo said...

nice point about BULOY. :)

tagal na nitong post mo na to, pero ngayon lang ako nagcomment, hehehe.
sana makita din kita sa site ko.. good day.

goyo said...

buloy. :)

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