Sorry I can't think of a title. I've been trying to make some changes here in my blog. Have you noticed? And I'm going through some changes in my life. Continuous. I can never really stop myself from changing. As much as I want to be who I want to be, life can sometimes give you another path to take. It may not be the best choice, but you can be happy with it.

What is wealth, fame, and success without your peace of mind?

I can really say that I have changed. More stupid? Sometimes but I don't know. Somehow I can sense that everything will be okay.

I went back to work this morning and it was fine. I still has the hang of it. Life must go on. I've seen Apollo and all I can feel for him is not that much. I see him as a potential friend now. Anyway, people from work asked me about the exam I just took a few days ago and I didn't know how to answer them. The exam was really hard but then I'm hoping to pass it. Schedules of reports were changed and I also signed up for the outing this year. It's gonna be held in Zambales. I've never been there so I guess I'll go. I just love travelling. And I also love the beach.

My eight-day vacation (at Kim's place) is over. I'm back to issuing drugs, supplies, talking with patients, watchers, and other health personnel. But then going back to work will give me more reason to go on a diet and to get up early every morning, or every afternoon, or every night...it depends on my shift.

I've discovered a restaurant in Palanan, Makati. I think it's called Amber's. It has delicious Pansit Palabok and Pichi-Pichi.

I've also started to read a novel. It's not a popular book but I like reading it because the story is light. I want to start lightly.

I emailed someone from my past and I can still open up to him as easily as before. Although I know that it's not the same and it will never be. Still, it's good to know that I have moved on and I have forgiven him.

Asking myself now, I'm still happy.


tin said...

wow, summer na dito ah! cool. :)

for me, summer is the happiest season of the year, kaya make the most of it. beach lang ng beach. nature will do you good. :)

Anonymous said...

nope, i don't work in a resort. i work at landco pacific corp. it's developer -- it's in the real estate industry. im with the fuego group. right now, im handling their newest beachside residential community, which is in calatagan. i do marketing for them. it's a two and a half hour drive from Manila.

am glad you're happy.Ü

yayam said...

jassy, summer na. kahit minsan magbeach ka..to escape civilization for a little while. ;)

pobs said...

srap puntahan nun header mo ah..san yan?! heheh kaso december uwe ko, malamig na ata non..hihih

glad to know you're happy!
keep on smilin!

Naomi said...

it's been awhile since I last visited your blog Jas.. and know what? I admired how you put life in general thru this post. I am constantly amaze by the world we live in.. like the number of strange little things happening everday. I was once a dreamer too.. and believed that reality will sooner get things right. So for you sis, keep dreamin' and dream BIG. Why stare on the stars when you can reach them, right?

i'm also telling all these in response to your previous post about your dream in going to Australia. (goodluck sis.. all the best!)

BTW, miss ko na ang pichi pichi sa Pinas!

yen said...

summer na, u have the reason to explore and enjoy the heat of the sun in a far far away land hehe.. try m jan sa header mo.. ang ganda ng place sn b yan????

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