Feeling the Breeze

My two-day exam is over. It was very hard but I'm trusting God that whatever the result is, it is His Will.

So now I can relax a little and read some books. I'm feeling happy right now although the sky is dark and it's raining a bit. I'm still stuck here in Manila though until I get cleared.

I want to stay in front of the tv the whole day. I bought some DVDs and I'm planning to watch them when I get home maybe next week.

For the past few days I've been spending time (meaning studying, reviewing, and sleeping over) at Kim's, and Faith's place. I am now fond of glancing at the doors and windows in their building, catching a glimpse of the lives of the people in there. Some are working while others are doing thesis and projects. It's always nice going up and down that building, walking the streets, and thinking, and feeling. Sometimes I feel sad, worried, regretful, afraid. But I'm leaving it all to God because I can no longer control it.

How do you love? I think I already forgot how to. Until when will you say enough? How do you know if it's right? Sometimes what you think right is wrong and what you think wrong is right.n And sometimes, only time can tell.

But I feel happy just right now. Alone. At peace with myself. I can fail. I can cry. But as long as I have peace, then I can survive, then I can face anything. The peace that comes from God. That's all I'm asking for.


yayam said...

relax jassy. summer is finally coming. ;)

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