My eight-day vacation is coming to an end. In those 8 days, I sure got many insights and made me look into views I never cared to look into before. I would just like to post everything (so that means this will be a very long post) that I've thought and did for the past few days.

The learned (meaning the educated or anyone who knows what the mind is for) has the responsibilty of thinking and doing what is right. They should follow their minds and not their body. With these in mind, I went deeper inot knowing who I am.

"Ano ng plano mo sa buhay mo?"

That's the question asked by my Mom, one morning, fresh from sleeping. Confusion came over me...plans? What plans?

Several years ago I am someone with a lot of plans. Everything I do is a step away from something connected with the future. But the series of events led me to where and who I am now. A lady with no plan. Yet. I have no idea anymore on what I want to do with my life. I don't know who I want to be and who I am now. All I know is I am someone floating in uncertainty--floating in the empty point of my life. I am someone waiting. Someone looking.

So what is it that I really want? Truth is, there are lots of things that I want. Not only things, but state or being that I want to attain. But generally, I want to be complete. I want to be whole. God is the only one who can complete me. That I know of...but there are still so many I have to find within myself.

Although I just want to lie down and wait for things to happen for me, that can never happen unless I do something about it.

Change of outlook.

I have always been a positive person, but I still have lots of rough edges, which I've been mentioning in this blog over and over again. I have to work on...
a. dealing with others. To stop being timid or snobbish as far as look/appearance is concern.
b. excellent service for my work, which means more smile and less pagtataray
c. make friends

I also have to devote some time (thus the vacation) on discovering what I really want to do with my life. This is also the reason why I've been so lazy during my whole vacation.

I also want to blog...I've been doing that na. But it's just a hobby.

I also want to do something that is related to service. Maybe that's why I am still with my current job now. Despite my superiors and the type of customers we have, I am grateful for the chance given to me by my job. I hope I'll get promoted.

I also want to look good, to do good, and to feel good.

Look Good.
  1. lose weight. I think I am now overweight again.
  2. tone my body
  3. eat right
  4. work on my appearance because it is kinda important.

Do Good.

  1. service
  2. skills

So I've thought of joining volunteer groups and other groups that will hone skills of service. I've thought of joining the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod, or Singles for Christ. But with my past experience with SFC, forgive me but I don't think I will join that group again. I just think that group cannot give me what I want to have. Or I cannot really give them the things that I can give them.

Feel Good.

  1. Watch
  2. Play
  3. Sing
  4. Dance
  5. Blog

What about my career? I need to know how to go about a business and pharmacy. And then there's the BIG question--Do I still have to go out of the country?

These are just some of the ways on how to know myself. Hopefully, these will fulfill their purposes. And maybe, after knowing myself will then I can earn the love that I've been dreaming of, hoping for, and praying for.


Pimp My Ride is really one of my favorite shows on tv. I don't know why exactly but I'm just really interested in cars. And in one of PMRs episodes, my dream car is definitely the car with a laptop and a wireless computer, keyboard and mouse.

I really want to pursue knowledge. I believe that the mind gets better as the body grows older. And so I watched CNN. I think I have to watch more of CNN because it is educational and I'm becoming aware of what's happening around the globe.

I also followed the happenings in WorldCup. Why is the Philippines not included in the worldcup? Oh well, Filipinos are not really interested in soccer. They want basketball better than any other sport.

With WorldCup, I forced myself to look into sports. The US Open and basketball (NBA) and rugby.

I also found out that Spanish siesta has been known around the world. Siesta helps people to be more functional because it enables to get rest.

I also found out that Togo and Tunisia exist. Tunisia is located on the northern coast of Africa, Tunisia has boundaries with Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. And Togo is in Western Africa, bordering the Bight of Benin, between Benin and Ghana.

I've also thought of North Korea and its issue with Japan. I compared South Korea with North Korea. The first one is into democracy and capitalism while the other one is into missiles and terrorism. Which country is happier? I am into democracy.

I guess I'll end this post right here. I still have a lot to post about my thoughts on life. And the principles being formed in my life. But I better write that down the next day or maybe some days from now because those thoughts are lenghty.

That's it for now.


aCey said...

hi, ate jassy. those were indeed a whole lot of stuff. ^_^

tin said...

Each one of us is a work in progress. We shouldn't stop improving ourselves. I think you're on the right track. :)

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