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Yesterday as soon as I stepped inside my workplace, my boss called me up and asked me to settle things that has piled up since I was gone for 8 days...and the worst was I have to pay a large amount of money for an item I gave to the customer that was unpaid...Leche! And so today I went to the nearest mall and bought me a piece of clothing. It's time to pay something for myself.


tin said...

back to reality, huh?

i'm sure that the vacation was worth it. lots of insights from your recent entries.

oh well, a blouse is a nice, instant pick-me-upper.

happy weekend! :)

yayam said...

it's good to give time for yourself. have a great week. :)

yen said...

back to work na2man at back to reality hehe.. minsan tlga kht nsa work ka na prang nsa vacation mode ka pa dn hehe. well it's nice to reward urself something once in a while, afterall u deserve it. :)

pobs said...

asar noh?! lalo na kung kagagaling mo lng ng bakasyon tpos biglang tambak ka agad ng work and problems..hayyyyy

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