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You know why people hate those who do well in life? It's not because they are jealous--it's because they seek justice--balance. And nature knows how to put balance. If you're rich, your family is maybe dysfunctional. If you have a good career, your love life sucks! If you're so rich that you can afford to have a dozen of offsprings, you can't bear a child. Life is balance.

I bought this body spray/cologne because I want to have a nice life just like her. It may be a bit odd but I have this ritual or belief that if your life is going in a monotonous routine or in a path you don't want to take, do something different. It's like trial and error. And I like her because she's not only super pretty but she's also nice. I don't envy, I admire.


aCey said...

i like this one, ate jas. it's somewhat true. and it made me think about many things. ;)

fjl said...

Yes. A bout of good luck and success is followed by a bout of total bad times and so on!


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