4 in the Morning

I was not able to get a straight sleep (if there is such a phrase) last night. And since, sleep has been aloof during those few hours, I listened to some music instead. And then I tuned in on one song that brought me back to the memories of last year. Memories of my new love. All I could remember these past few months are the pain I have to go through. I thought I was that sad and miserable. But you know what--I have been happy. I have been happy with him and with myself. And that really makes me feel good.

Anyway, I got this idea because of Janeca since remembering how happy I was last year just by listening to some songs, I realize that music just like scents can really be a great memory reminder. So if you are feeling down and you want to be happy again, listen to music that will remind you of happy past.


renz / renzy_benzy / Charlie Wonka Jr. said...

hi.. please read my post,, about my college life in UP.. hahaha hope you like it tnks

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