Meeting my 8 Votes

I met up with my friends last Saturday because it was Kim's birthday. she treated us at Venetto's...I'm not really sure anymore but the pasta she ordered was really great. I'm craving for that right now.

I received some bad news over the weekend--they were not exactly about me but still I was affected. And the most shocking of all (it's not really shocking because it's anticipated) was the news about the incoming wedding of my ex because he is going to be a daddy soon. Do I really have to know that? I mean, we are living separate lives now. I have my own life and he has his own. Honestly, since this is the first time this happens to me, I feel okay about the wedding because I am not into him anymore. But when I looked inside my life--wtf?! He's going to get married now and I am still stuck here...kumusta naman yun? Hehe... anyway, I just think that after all of these, great things will start coming to me. Dharma is here!


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