Oilyness is next to ugliness

That's what people from work say. And so it's a problem because the centralized AC in our block is being repaired. It will be finished after 3 months. wala naman kaming pwedeng magawa. Good thing, it rained this noon. At least, the weather improved. Unlike yesterday were I really suffered from nosebleeding. Grabe, I felt like I would have to be transfused with blood. My body is still extra hot--literally because of stress, spending an awful long time under the sun, and travelling that long.

This morning I attended the baptismal of Baby James--the first born of Brent and Jhonna. Breon James Andrei is really cute and behaved. Sana when he grows up he will still be as behaved as he is now. Yun nga lang I think he's gonna be a chickboy kase his name is James.=) After the baptismal and the reception, Jessa, Jack and I watched Fantastic 4. I love the Silver Surfer. And I like the story--and the destroyer is pretty scary. Ganun ba naman kalaki--it's like a really big storm that sucks energy. I especially like the look of universe in the movie. Watch it and enjoy!

And to my Dad, wherever you are--HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!


THINZ said...

i hope you're feeling better na.... & i've seen fantastic four & i loved it too :) ingat!

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