Journal club, etc

I now know how to play billiards. Well the phone game billiards. But still, it makes me excited to finally try the actual billiards.

I am supposed to attend the dance aerobics here at work but I didn't see Maam M. so I decided not to go. Excuses. Excuses.

I attended the journal club and JN's report was great. It was very informative and very toxic. Nabigla ako dun ah. When I reported for the journal club, I saw to it that it wouldn't be as toxic but she was really brave. She reported everything she knew. Ako kase, afraid to be questioned. Next time, di na ako matatakot.

Ay naku, I heard that there are people from my area who would rotate, transferred to other areas. And Ma'am J. teased me that I would be missed. Lagot na! I'm not ready and besides, I still need my Saturday and Sunday. So I am hoping that I won't be transferred yet.

Another thing, I found out that JCG, one of the people I have everyday interaction at work, was good at making incident reports in Tagalog. Kakabilib! I did mine in english at nung di ko na mapanindigan, tinagalog ko na.

Sana Friday na.


aCey said...

congrats on the billiards thing, ate jas! i'm happy and excited for you. even today, i still don't know how to do an efren "bata" reyes. heh.

jassy said...

efren bata sa cellphone...hehe

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